Supply List


These materials are what I use and a guideline only. You have the option to bring to class whatever materials you would normally use. You do not have to buy all of these products.

Painting Workshop List:

For Still-LIfe:
I work from spotlights on my still-life set ups and suggest you bring your own lights to class. If you do not have a portable spotlight, you can purchase an in-expensive clamp on light at most hardware stores. It should be about ten dollars. You may also need a light bulb and extension cord.

Anyone taking a portrait class who has never painted a portrait before:

You do not need to buy everything on this list. Just bring a canvas, a tube of black oil paint and a tube of white oil paint, brushes and Gamsol. Bring an assortment of brushes. Do not bring a brush that has an inch of dried paint on the tip, throw that away, buy new ones, and in the future take better care of your brushes. Do not bring the paint and the variety pack of plastic brushes your third cousin Stan gave you for Christmas ten years ago. Throw that away too.

I like to tone my canvas with Acrylics. You can also bring one tube of black and either white paint or acrylic gesso.

SURFACE: *You do not need to bring all of them

Masonite panels (You must gesso masonite in order to paint on it directly. I suggest at least four coats, with light sanding inbetween layers. 400 grit sandpaper is suggested.)

Canvas Panels or Canvas Board or Pre-stretched Canvas

Portrait Canvas should not be larger then 20 x 24 for the first class.

*Note: I sometimes buy Rolls of Canvas and stretch it myself either around stretcher bars or masonite. I use Fredrix Antwerp 190 Linen or Fredrix Universal Canvas. If you choose the Universal canvas you will need the following:

  • Golden brand "Molding Paste"
  • Acrylic Gesso
  • Plastic spreader
  • Two inch "chip" brush
  • 2" Masking Tape

Please bring several pieces of masonite cut to sizes you like. You then masking tape the canvas around the masonite and prepare it. I will demonstrate how to prepare the canvas in class. Students using the linen can stretch it to desired sizes, no preparation is needed.

**If you choose to purchase pre-stretched store bought canvas it must be portrait grade or smooth.

Acrylic Paint: Used for toning canvas. If you wish to tone in oil you may, but the surface must be completely dry by the time class starts.
Raw Umber
Yellow Ochre

Oil Paint: I have begun using some Windsor & Newton Alkyds but it is up to you. The Alkyd Colors I use will have an "A" next to them.

I do not use water soluable oil paint. To me it is the same principal as "fat free" potato chips....just - No.

Titanium White A or Permalba White
Holbein Foundation Umber (Optional)
Naples Yellow (Optional)
Cad. Yellow Light A
Cad. Yellow Med. A
Cad. Orange
Indian Yellow (Optional)
Yellow Ochre
Raw Sienna
Cad Red Lt. A
Alizarin Crimson A or Grumbacher
Sap Green
Burnt Sienna
Burnt Umber
Raw Umber Green Shade (Windsor & Newton) (optional)
Diox. Purple
Prussian Blue
Cobalt Blue (Optional) A
Ivory Black A

Assorted Bristle Filbert and Flat Brushes
Princeton 4050R #4, #3, and #2 Watercolor Brushes (at least two).
I also like the Princeton 4050S stroke 1/4 flat brush - Cheapest at "Misterart.com"
A few small soft brushes, Synthetic Mongoose, Sable etc.
1 Fan Brush size 12

I prefer to work on a toned palette:
Lightly sand a piece of 18 x 24 masonite. Mix Acrylic paint: Black, Raw Umber, Yellow Ochre and White until you reach a neutral brownish grey. (2 coats). The value should be between 3 and 4 on the value scale.
Do not go too dark.
Coat with two coats of Polyurithane Varnish.

A grey toned paper palete will also work or working on glass with grey paper underneath it.

Other Items:

Odorless Mineral Spirits (Gamsol is the best)
Linseed Oil
Gamblin Neo Megilp (optional)
Several small glass jars
Paper Towels

Paper Towels

Gesture Drawing Workshop List:

  • Borden & Riley Ledger Bond Pad 11 x 14 (3 - 5 per week)
  • Prismacolor Col-Erase pencils Indigo Blue
  • Assortment of graphite pencils HB, 2B, 3B
  • Drawing Board

If you have read down this far congratulations! If you still have any questions feel free to call or email me.


For additional information please contact Clinton at: info@clintonhobart.com

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